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  • Let's meet! Virtually on Zoom.

  • Support throughout pregnancy and delivery

    1,100 US dollars
  • Learn movements specific to your body to prepare for birth

    150 US dollars
  • Continually learn movements specific to your body throughout your pre...

    100 US dollars
  • Support for birth in any trimester with difficult or fatal outcome

  • Mom has a whole new human to take care of, let me take care of Mom.

    35 US dollars
  • Quick, 3 hour class to cover all the important birthy things!


    150 US dollars
  • Increase mood, energy, lactation and iron levels, naturally, postpartu...

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All About A Different Doula LLC

"What is a Doula?"

As a Birth Doula- I support families throughout pregnancy and birth. I'm an extra support person who may help bridge the gap between the medical (OB/nurses) and the natural experience of birth. Mainly during labor I'll help mom be as comfortable as possible by massaging, position changes, breathing techniques and overall comfort. Having a doula can decrease the chance of medical intervention by 30%. 

I'm also trained in bereavement,  so I can help guide and support families with birth in any trimester, in any outcome.

I am a mom to 4 awesome kiddos myself. I have personally experienced hospital births, and birth center births. Both with great, supportive medical staff. I discovered how much I love helping families grow after being so excited for not only friends and families announcing pregnancies, but complete strangers as well.  I have seen some tragic outcomes along the way and have been heartbroken for those families. I am thankful to now be able to offer the support they may need to embark on that journey of infant loss. 

As an SBD Birth and Bereavement Doula, you can take confidence in knowing I have the skills and trainings to support your family in a full term, healthy, live birth, as well as support and guide in any other outcome. A pregnancy loss is still a birthday, and a life to be celebrated and commemorated. 

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My goal is to inform you about pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and empower and support your choices and decisions throughout that process.

Racquelle Adkisson

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Phoenix, AZ

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